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Monday, October 31, 2005

Bricks without Straw

That was the title of my sermon on Sunday based on exodus 5. So I talked about how young people are like bricks without straw because they are not being exposed to Christianity/Jesus and aren't being led to freedom in the Promised Land. I really challenged the congregation to support our local schools work and youth ministries.

I'm off to Ross-on-Wye next week for an interview. I'm getting all excited about it actually! Got to do a team building exercise, a talk in the church service, a talk to the youth goup + an interview! Oh and go bowling with the 30+ youth group too! So prayer would be greatly appreciated for that!

Just to keep you updated, Rob and I are "getting to know eachother"! He came to the service on Sunday with 5 mates of his to support me preaching;-) He's also got a lot of books on our list...

Ello ha!

Hello folks!

Life is progressing rather fast - today I am off to look at a room to live in so i can move out of my parents place.

Can someone just verify for me what a theological critique is? My head says - structured criticism with a Godly mind set!

hope you are all funky and doing fine.


Unto us a child is born!

Just read this in my inbox! Great news from Bart Woodhouse from last week....maybe you will want to send Bart and Rachel your congratulations....

Hi Ian, just to let you know Jacob David Woodhouse (8lb 11oz) arrived on Saturday morning at around 11.30am. Baby and mum are fine and were able to come come that same day!! V tired though, not slept much since Friday night!


My first ever blog contribution (but remember that I don't have a mobile phone either!) - so.....all very exciting! Just returned from my week in France (Lot region, Carennec to be precise), so now rested and ready for the college fray on this Monday morning.

Just to say that I felt the YMM course began really positively - and thanks to you all for your energy and enthusiasm during the week. I am sure we are going to have some great times ahead of us. I look forward to keeping in touch, and of course to reading through your assignments when they come (ouch!). But remember, the staff are here to support you.

Have fun!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Men's Mags...

For anyone looking at magazines for the media question, there was an interesting article in last weeks Guardian magazine called Dirty Young Men
The editors of FHM, Nuts, Loaded and Zoo discuss whether their magazines are msyogynistic...

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hi All

Hi all, thanks for setting this up it's great. If anyone has any admin questions/queries please let me know. Hope you all had a good week. I look forward to receiving your first assignments!!!! :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Our 14-18+ youth group are doing the service on Sunday evening. Responsibilities were allocated last week. Having struggled to be inspired by Exodus 5 so in my absence the other leaders thought they'd put me down to preach!!
So Exodus 5 it is! "Bricks and Straw" But actually could be quite good looking at how Christians face tough times, but that we have to keep building up for future generations and for God's kingdom to come here on earth. Could get in quite a lot about my vision for youthwork in the church...

Monday, October 24, 2005

Reading list

Hello, I have lost my full reading list for the whole course. The one that was in the red folder. Can someone copy it and send it via e-mail or post? Thanks a lot

Sunday, October 23, 2005

allo Gorgeous People

Hello Gorgeous People!

Hope you are all groovy and gravy back in your mission fields. I have just spent the morning being a climbing frame for the under 10's at church. lol!

I wanna thank all of you for being funky and great - and just being who God made you to be. You are all awesome and I am so glad that I have met you.
Keep being a blessing to the Lord and those you minister too.

Send big huggles to you all
Love and prayers
x x x
p.s.Will is fine :-)

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Hi Everyone, I hope this works as I too are new to this blog thing. It was really good to meet with you all last week and I wanted to say thank you to you all for your support during the week! It's so good to meet fellow Youth Workers and know that there is support out there. Well take care and speak soon, and Amanda remember not too many notes!!!!!!!

At war!

Sorry... blogging is all new to me...so here's a repeat of the "comment" I made to Amanda, which i should have put as a new comment:

Yello!BTW Toyah is aka Amy (after Toyah Wilcox...?)Well it's back to the grindstone...had 9 phone msgs left by a fellow youth leader stressing about the half term social that's organised and another youth leader had returned my letter unopened saying that he didn't want anything to do with me unless it was church-related - it was a letter sent to leaders at that church asking for support and prayer!! Then i find out that i can't get hold of the resource book for the teaching sesh 2m cos another leader's gone on holiday! Oh how good to be back? We're certainly fighting a war here!A passage came to me today though, that just outlines our motives for what we're doing: 1 Tim 4:7-16

PS Rob & I are talking and meeting up for lunch and chat this week ;-)

Hope this works

Being a blog novice -just thought that I would try a post - praying that you all got home safe, I arrived to a youth club of 35 youngsters, thought I cannot handle this tonight - but no choice, took them for a night walk in the woods and had the most amazing God conversation with some of them that have nothing to do with church - turns out that God knows what need, more than I do!

Here we go!

Well, here is the first ever post for The Youth Mission and Ministry course blog at
Cliff College I hope that all the students can get involved and have their say! Just to say the website for Join Me is here... and Mission Shaped Church is here! Have fun...