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Monday, March 20, 2006

last assignment

Hello Everyone!

Out of interest has anyone had their last assignment back?

Hope you are all doing ok.



Blogger Toyah said...

Oh yeah! i'd forgoten bout thise assignments! Thought we'd been told they'd be returned 3-4 weeks after our last teaching week!

How's the next assignment coming on?

7:14 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ah ha my ymm friends, how's life on the course ? Got into any fights goldbling ? Had any proposals Amanda ? Not heard anything about the rumour that I might be coming to Cliff in May for the teaching week, I think Ian must have been raptured, or ruptured or something ?
Work hard my fridns, work hard...

Robin x

7:28 pm

Blogger Suse said...

If God could just give me an extra 4 hours a day I would be grateful. I have been fighting a throat infection the past few weeks been laid up in bed when not been running around madly trying to keep things moving.

Assignment conisists of a lot of mess on bedroom floor.

That guy I told u about - yeah didn't work out

11:20 am

Blogger Amanda said...

I know the feeling Suse - hope your throat is getting better. No proposals Robin thank you.

Every time I want to sit down to do the assignment I am either too tired or too busy. hhmmph. Well, I am off to SPring Harvest in a fortnight so I need to go it all done v soon!

11:54 am


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